Monday, February 6, 2017

Raziz Writes About The Return of Gulf Air

Today I was called into a meeting between the CEO of Bahrain Airport Company (BAC), H.E Mr. Mohamed Yousif Al-Binfalah, a senior manager of Gulf Air, Mr. Ali Mohamed Al-Khalifa and his delegates with my boss, Datuk Aziz Kaprawi.

They were discussing about Bahrain's intention to work together with our local airlines (MAS, AirAsia & Malindo Air) and MAHB.

Out of many things that were discussed, there was one particular point that took my interest.

It was about Bahrain to become a gateway from the South East to Jeddah.

There was a case before that one of our local airlines, EagleAirExpress was not given a landing permit by the Saudis due to some airworthiness issue (They were particularly strict about their rules and regulations) and because of that incident, about 250 people who were to go for umrah were stranded. (The local news can provide more on this).

Bahrain, which is a bit more liberal than the Saudis, could provide an easier entry to Saudi Arabia because they are part of Arab Civil Aviation Commission (ACAC - pronounced like 'Akak' kau).

So, local travel agencies which provide umrah packages could easily chartered a flight to Bahrain and from there, use regional flight to get to Jeddah. This is a good deal.

Gulf Air will resume their network to KLIA again in near future. (They were saying 18, I can't be sure it's going to be in 2018 or this coming 18th.)

Other than that they were discussing about harnessing MAHB expertise as Bahrain themselves are currently building their new airport terminal. They will send some of their staffs here to learn on airport managements and such.

So, Bahrain is going to be back on menu guys.

That piece was a replica of the first airplane landed at Bahrain in 1918

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