Monday, February 6, 2017

Raziz Writes About The Ridiculous 6

I received this piece from many of my political WhatsApp group which pretty much explanatory.

Lim Guan Eng whom was pretty much shook from Ku Nan's statement early this month regarding making Penang as a Federal Territory.

Guan Eng's reaction was a classic case of jumping the gun whereas at first he slammed Ku Nan for being a vicious conquerer seeking to illegally obtain Penang from his grasp.

Ku Nan's next statement strongly implied that Guan Eng did nothing for the poor Malays could be the result of Federal Government taking action to rectify Guan Eng's chauvinist approach as a state leader.
A cornered Guan Eng can be clumsy and stupid at the same time.

He reacted by lashing out that Kelantan should be make into Federal Territory first.

His next statement was a classic joke.

"I love Penang."

Is that supposed to be the reason why Penang should not be made into Federal Territory?

Does he not love Malaysia? or any other state?

Is not he himself and his DAP members should be the proclaimed conquerer.

Note that Guan Eng and his myriad of exco are not from Penang.

He denied the local DAP members which had worked their way through and through to wrestle Penang from BN and then not choosing them as the state premier when they have won the election.

How about the infamous Penang Tunnel feasibility study cost?

Does Guan Eng loves Penang?

How about the Taman Manggis land issue, various Malays traditional village being put under steamrolls and that case of one Malay Penang who have to bow down to his knees over low-cost housing?

Does Guan Eng loves Penang?

How about the flash floods caused by improper and illegal land development?

Does Guan Eng loves Penang?

Guan Eng should just keep his mouth shut until there is an official bidding from the Federal Government to make Penang as a Federal Territory.

Certainly, a single edited graphic piece worth a thousand words.

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