Monday, February 6, 2017

Raziz Writes About First Entry

Welcome to the first entry of Raziz Writes About... blog where as this is the first time I am to write professionally without using my political pseudonym.

For those who knew my pseudonym please do note that I am still writing there but not as often as always and will always continue to provide controversial Malaysian political insight and analysis.

I am writing this in English as a reflection from my Facebook Profile as it is maintained to be in full Bahasa Melayu.

What am I going to blog here?

Well, I can never run away from being political as I was trained both as a political researcher and political marketer. Plus the access I had from my extensive networks provide me with vast kind of information that provided much of the insights I needed so that I can explain to others.

Being inside the Barisan Nasional government and party makes me understood a little bit better about the policies, the decisions, what is right and what is not and most reasons behind political and governmental scene taking place at the moment.

Yes, I will write both about politics and policies.

I will write why the Barisan Nasional is the best political party for Malaysia and why the current Malaysian Prime Minister is the best leader that we could had at the moment.

Nonetheless, as I am being officially appointed as a Special Officer for Datuk Aziz Kaprawi, the Malaysian Transport Deputy Minister earlier this month, this blog should provide the best platform for me to convey the policies, the ideas, the feedback, some sort of behind the scene of what is going on in this ministry. Also not to forget Datuk Aziz's contribution and his hard work as a Deputy Minister, a Sri Gading Parliament Member, a Sri Gading UMNO Chief and UMNO High Council member.

Mind that whatever I choose to share here are not official in anyway. It is just some personal thoughts and experience through my own personal lenses.

I am a strong believer of mathematics and thus logics is being regard quite highly. Also I am in the 'what is best for all' school of thought. I do not believe in 'agree to disagree' except for aesthetic subjects. Not that I do not celebrate the different of opinion but a fact will remain a fact disregard of any opinion.

Cheerios and welcome.

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