Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Raziz Writes About MH370

Exactly three years ago, one Malaysia Airlines Flight coded MH370 scheduled to arrive to Beijing Capital International Airport from Kuala Lumpur International Airport carrying 15 Malaysian crew members and 227 passengers of various nationality vanished from air traffic controller radar while mid-flight.

Until today, it has not been found yet.

It was a mystery to all.

Today, the parliament addressed this issue with a moment of silence to commemorate the crew and passengers abroad the unfortunate airplane.

The search for MH370 was a collaboration between Malaysia, Australia and People's Republic of China (PRC) across an area of 120,000 square kilometres, about the size of Sarawak state but with ocean depth up to 10,000 feet.

It was a monumental task upon search the missing flight, but it was done for a period of two and a half years and it took RM 455,297,520.81 from the government coffers to fund this operation.

The decision to halt the search operation was not taken lightly by all the participated country but it was necessary due to lack of discovery the overwhelming costs each country to bear.

However, the decision from the Tripartite Ministerial Meeting between Malaysia, Australia and PRC was to agree that if a new credible information or new clue arise, further search operation could be considered.

The Malaysian Government will not rest upon this this decision and decided that the DCA will head a response team to be on the look for more evidence regarding the lost of airplane.

The investigation of the missing flight was done by an International Investigation Team that was formed by the government  based on Annex 13 (Convention on International Civil Aviation, Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation) consisted of accredited representatives from US, UK, Australia China and two ASEAN countries which are Singapore and Indonesia.

The investigation was fair and transparent where as all important and significant informations were shared  together. Any accusation that had said Malaysia did not share important informations with Australia is false and deemed untruthful.

The investigation team had produced Interim Statements both on the first and second anniversary of the missing plane regarding the outcome from early investigation.

Final Investigation Report that will be tabled next year will be holistic, detailed, and will include the investigation on Air Traffic Controller (ATC). Based on this report, the investigation team will advise recommendations to improve the safety of national civil aviation to stakeholders.

The government agreed to bear the cost of bathymetric works and seabed search in South Indian Ocean together with Australia and PRC.

The cost of AUD 195 Million search operation was contracted to Fugro PTY Ltd. that provided four ships and PRC that provided the Dong Hai Jiu 101 ship. The Malaysian Government alone contributed AUD 115 Million or RM 340 Million which was paid to the Australian Government.

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