Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Raziz Writes About RNAA and The Railwaymen Union of Malaysia

It eludes me of why the Railwaymen Union of Malaysia (RUM) decided to go against the Railway Network Access Agreement (RNAA) aggressively without any considerations of the benefits.

First, they addressed that through the RNAA, 4,000 KTMBs' workers would lose their job because RNAA leads towards the separation of business conduct between the services operation and the maintenance of railway which includes assets, procurement and other non-customer related operations. Therefore, in their opinion, once the separation taken place the workers whom are now under KTMB's contract would be terminated.

The Deputy Minister of Transport himself had given his commitment that none of those workers whom are affected by the RNAA would be terminated. They will be absorbed or seconded to subsidiary companies which in the end belongs to the KTMB itself and KTMB will remain a government owned corporation.
Meanwhile the aspect of maintenance and other related non-customer related operations will be handled by Railway Assets Corporation (RAC) that will owned all KTMB's assets.

This matter had been finalised in clause 89, Railway Act 1991 which demands the separation between those as stated above and RAC is a federal statutory body.

RUM's concern about welfare and well being of the workers are indeed nullified. If the workers are proven to be valuable assets that the subsidiary companies, they will given a better contract after all. So I fail to see the RUM's concern about this matter.

RUM further added more damages when they themselves questioned the authenticity of the Deputy Minister's commitment to ensure that all KTMBs' workers will be absorbed and their benefits would not be lessened.

Yes, indeed that the Deputy Minister had said in the parliament before the press statement that the workers would be 'considered' to be absorbed. But, please oh please use your common sense!

First of all, the word 'considered' does not bring the meaning that the workers will be terminated nor being absorbed. It is a neutral word for god's sake! But, RUM viewed it as a negative word that brought the meaning of not to be absorbed nor seconded.

Then, after 'considerations' had been made, the Deputy Minister said "Yes, all of them would be absorbed or seconded to the subsidiary companies that will be formed later on." This is the latest order and this is the latest commitment made by the Deputy Minister. Why oh why do RUM want to spin this further and add damages by making unnecessary rude statement.

Other matters that being raised by RUM were simply absurd and have nothing to do with the Union at all. Things such as policies, the way forward and how to bring about profit to KTMB is none of their concern after all. 

As a business entity, KTMB should made profit and if it does not some remedy had to be made to ensure this would not be prolonged.

As a matter of fact, the practice of separating operations within a company is a common practice. They are made to ensure that the company's structure would be lean and operations would be smoothen. In fact, when subsidiary companies are to be made, KTMB can focused on delivering better services and in fact can make some profit. Business operations can be improved and financial injection would be given straight to the any of the operation that needed support and not to the parent company of which the fund would be diluted immediately.

Most giant companies in the world practice this method of conducting businesses.

Another absurd concern was about the integrity and transparency of conducting business which RUM claimed KTMB would not be able to practice this anymore. Well, this concern is totally ********! When you have a single company conducting many business operations, it would be less transparent. Things would get lost in the nether and the supervision of each sector are less.

Why does not the government have a single ministry that oversees the entirety of our nations' process even though the Federal Constitution mentions the need of having only a Prime Minister!

Dear RUM, when you make subsidiary companies of which each of them belongs to the parent company, you will have a more focused business operations. Each of the subsidiary companies will have their own CEOs, CFOs, CTOs, COOs that will look into each of their specialised core business greatly. And you know what? Thing will get even harder for any indecency to take place because there will be too many eyes, too many ears and too many mouths.

KTMB had been in the loss for so many years and this is the right time to turn things around.

As a trained and educated management practitioner, I was exposed to various types of reorganising a company to make it a better one. This practice of creating subsidiary company was not one of the best method to be taken financially for a government owned companies. 

Do you want to know the best practice oh dear RUM?

It is to privatised KTMB wholly and let the corporate people runs it as it needed without any moral obligations to protect and to preserve the welfare and well being of the workers. Any workers deemed to be unworthy would be sacked immediately. There would be strict KPI's to be achieved, severe punishment for any inefficiency and round the clock supervisions.

Would you like it to be this way? Because this was what Tun M did during his tenure as the country's premier.

The current government is not in the business of making gazillions of profit. The government's concern is just KTMB would be sustainable for future to come. The current practice proved that KTMB would not be sustainable and things are needed for change. And how to make changes without sacrificing the welfare and well being of the workers, the government came out with a very feasible plan which is the RNAA.

And yet, you opposed it fiercely without knowing that in the coming future, a non-sustainable operation like what the KTMB is doing at the moment would bring greater ill to the workers themselves. If the RNAA were to be abolished, we would never know what other plans are there available in the pipeline.

You would say that the government can still provide financial injections every year. But that money can be save to provide other necessities for the people of this country. Do not be selfish to deny the supposedly money meant for other people just to sustain a non-sustainable entity such as KTMB.

Please RUM, think of others. This is the nigh time for KTMB to make changes for the better and for the first time in many years, please make profit or if it is too hard, do not make any loss. Being sustainable is good enough at the moment.

I would not address any other RUMs' concerns due to its absurdity.

This is not an official reply by the Ministry of Transport nor represents the Office of Deputy Minister of Transport.

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