Thursday, November 16, 2017

Raziz Writes About Why MALINDO Operates in KLIA and Not KLIA2

Perhaps the most sought out issue regarding MALINDO is why they conduct their business in KLIA and not KLIA2. There are certain myth about MALINDO that everyone needs to understand and the how the actual flight business commences.

First of all, both KLIA and KLIA 2 are capable of handling flight operations for full service carrier or low cost carrier and also hybrids which combines this two flight operations. In this matter, based on flight service operation model, air flight companies are free to choose to operate in any of Malaysian airports that can handle the type of aircraft that they used. MALINDO Air provides full service carrier which includes food and beverage, certain weight limit of luggage, and also in-flight entertainment that has been included into a single ticket price. If low cost carrier operations, one needs to pay for food, baggages and in-flight entertainment which is not included into the ticket price. Another obvious feature that MALINDO Air do have is the business class where as low cost carrier such as Air Asia do not offer at all. Therefore, the myth about MALINDO Air being a low cost carrier that operates in KLIA has been busted wide open.

Secondly, MALINDO Air also offers interlining services which means any other international full service  carriers can collaborate with Malindo Air to provide seamless travel for their passengers. For example, one could buy a ticket from Turkish Airways travelling Istanbul to Kota Kinabalu without having to buy two tickets, one from London to Kuala Lumpur and then one from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Kinabalu. By providing interlining services, passengers from Istanbul can directly buy a ticket to Kota Kinabalu without having to log into multiple flight websites and also do not worry to wait for their luggage and re-enter terminals for this purposes. This feature is one of the most sought after by passengers when they plan their travels.

Thirdly, last year MAS had to reduce their operation scale and reduced their personnel by 6,000 people. There are also few routes had been cancelled and they also ended their collaboration with a significant number of international airlines. Therefore, Malaysia Airports need to have a back up plan to ensure their sustainability to strengthen KLIA as a central transit hub in this region.

In order to fill this vacuum left by MAS, we need to have another local airlines to support these services. Then came MALINDO Air to save the day because it is the only one other than MAS that have a full service carrier capabilities. MALINDO since then had functioned as a carrier that can make interlining with other airlines and provide seamless travelling.

Malaysia do not want to lose it's status as a central trasit hub in this region to Bangkok or to Singapore. We could lose hundreds of millions of revenue that we could gain from travellers. Further more, with ERL, travellers could go to Kuala Lumpur in 28 minutes to do some sight seeing or perhaps shopping while in 6 or 7 hours transit in KLIA.

If without MALINDO Air, international travellers could use Singapore or Bangkok as their transit airport. At this moment, MAS could not cater the entire 50 international airlines that resides at KLIA.

And this is why MALINDO Air needs to operate in KLIA.

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